Gad’s Seniors joined Head of Science Mrs Fletcher, and several other Gad’s teachers, to spend a day at Wingham Wildlife Centre learning about animals’ adaptations.

Read Mrs Fletcher’s account of the day:

The students attended a talk from the zookeepers (just for Gad’s students) and were able to hold a snake and a beaded dragon.  The spider had just shed its skin so we couldn’t hold it but we were able to hold the skin of the spider and get an idea of how it would feel.  Then we had a tour of the zoo focusing on adaptations while enjoying the beautiful weather.

The butterfly enclosure was very popular as the butterflies were landing on the students much to their delight.  The lemur “walk through” was also a favourite because the lemurs were very friendly and were happy to sit on the students or walk over them.

The students also enjoyed the animatronic dinosaurs and the adventure playground after lunch.

Behaviour was excellent and the students were enthusiastic throughout – definitely a Science trip that we will repeat again next year!

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