“Dustlands” trilogy author Moira Young led literary workshops before presenting a copy of the internationally-accredited first volume to the staff and students of Gad’s Hill School.

Mrs Young, a Canadian who wrote her first novel at nine-years-old, won the Costa Children’s Book Award for dystopian novel “Blood Red Road”, which is studied at Gad’s in Year 8.

Head of English at Gad’s Mr Paul Wadey said:  “It was an honour to welcome Mrs Young to our school and her book will be treasured along-side the many other acclaimed literary pieces in what was once Dicken’s study.

“It’s somewhat of a tradition that visiting authors bestow us a signed copy of their works and Mrs Young’s was given pride of place by Y8 student Jimmy Spellman, who made a short film as part of his homework on the science fiction story.”

Mrs Young joined Mr Wadey to give tutorials to Juniors and Seniors throughout the day.  Topics covered included sources of inspiration, developing a sense of character and use of language.

Mrs Young’s most recent novel is the critically acclaimed “The Road to Ever After”.

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