Musicians as young as six performed at a percussion concert in the theatre at Gad’s Hill School.

Gad’s hardest working students were invited to the annual celebration of music and played to proud parents, fellow classmates and friends of Gad’s.

Director of Music Mr John Stone said: “Learning to play an instrument takes patience, dedication and most importantly practice.

“At Gad’s, all of our students, from 3-16 years-old, embrace music in lessons and clubs and are encouraged to sing and play instruments in various concerts – but today is about showcasing the individual musicianship of those who have gone above and beyond.”

Year one pupil Manroop Jandu, 6, from Greenhithe was the youngest artist and joined fellow ensemble members to entertain the audience with a selection of classic and contemporary pieces on the marimba, accompanied by Mr Stone on piano and harpsichord.

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