Gad’s Year one students enjoyed trying new fruits on a fact-finding visit to a local supermarket.

The five and six-year-old classmates travelled by school coach to Tesco in Strood to find out more about where fresh produce comes from.

The cohort took part in a ‘Farm to Fork’ workshop on how different fruit and vegetables are grown, delivered to, and stored in the shop.

Year one teacher Mrs Ravinder Sandhu said:  “The children were invited to taste the fruit and encouraged to ask all sorts of questions about everyday and more exotic foods.

“From the sub-zero warehouse freezer to the shop floor, the Tesco team talked us through the journey fruit makes from farm to lunchbox – making it fun and relevant for young minds.”

The group particularly enjoyed learning that bananas, or ‘fingers’, are grown upside down in hands, not bunches.

Mrs Sandhu continued:  “There was lots of excited chatter about favourite tastes and textures on the way home and I am sure it will enrich this term’s topic on where our food comes from.”

Tesco’s Farm to Fork programme invites schools to find out what goes on behind the scenes at Tesco stores, distribution centres and supplier facilities.

A trained Farm to Fork Trail hosts and runs activities that teach pupils about food growing and food preparation.

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