Our U5 GCSE drama students presented their final practical pieces to parents and friends last week at the Woodville Drama Studio – and received a standing ovation.

Read drama teacher Mr Waite’s account of a fantastic evening of drama:

The evening opened with two of the ‘bouncers’, Connor and Ed, reminding the audience to turn off their mobile phones or else before they went and joined their cast mates on stage!

The first piece, ‘Bouncers and Shakers’ (remixed) was a riotous mix of comedy from John Godber. Alongside Connor and Ed were fellow ‘bouncers’ Archie and Kieran, who switched from character to character with ease, leaving the audience in stitches with their antics.

They were later joined by the four girls, Jenny, Eve, Hannah and Ndidi, who were cocktail waitresses at the bar Shakers – where the four lads eventually turned up for ‘happy hour.’

After a brief interval, the remaining students presented the award winning Enda Walsh play, ‘Chatroom.’ Set in a world of social media the six characters meet and discuss the many things teenagers have to endure, like Harry Potter and pop music, before they stumble into a ‘suicide’ Chatroom where things took a darker turn and two of the characters, William and Eva, attempted to lure a depressed young man, Jim, to his death – as part of their ‘game’.

Jim was played in Act 1 by Lewis and in Act 2 by Freddie. William and Eve were played by Harrison and Oliver with Holy playing Eve in both acts.

Jack and Emily, the two bystanders who decide to help, were played by Ben, Taran, Mary and Teagan.

Finally the role of Danny, the counsellor who eventually enables Jim to realise that online probably isn’t the best place to seek help, was played by Cameron, who due to unforeseen circumstances had to step into the role and read from the script. But despite this, he turned in an excellent performance and we were grateful to him for stepping in to save the day!

The audience really enjoyed both pieces and we look forward to the next production with the Woodville.

It was a fitting end to the practical side of the drama GCSE and the U5 drama cohort did themselves proud.


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