Three Year seven boys helped raise more than £200 for a children’s bereavement charity, when they challenged fellow Seniors to a ‘car chase’ after school!

Shell W’s Edward McGowan and Alexander Dempster teamed-up with Oliver Rainsbury-Davis, of Shell B, to put-on a remote-controlled car race, which saw more than 20 Senior students take part.

Gad’s Astro pitch was transformed into a competition circuit for the first Wellington ‘Tough Truck Challenge’, to raise funds for the House’s charity Slide Away.

Contenders skilfully manoeuvred a sports car round the track and for much of the challenge, Shell H’s Finley Saville held the record for the fastest lap.

Hot on his trail was Zara Edeleanu of L5M who took pole position with an impressive time of 18.47 seconds, more than three seconds faster than Finley, who graciously settled for second place.

Zara was presented with her very own radio-controlled car to celebrate her victory.

Head of Wellington Seniors and Maths teacher and Shell W Form tutor Miss Rana said:  “This was a fantastic initiative of our youngest Seniors and proved very popular with staff and students alike.

“Everybody worked well together, from the boys to organising the event to Teagan and Zara for their commentary and meticulous scoring!

“As always, I would like to thank colleagues, parents and pupils for supporting such a fun activity that has helped such a worthy cause.”

Slide Away offers bereavement support to children and young people in West Kent by providing them with the opportunity to manage their grief through a range of creative activities.



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