Year five journeyed through space and time on a day-trip to the Royal Observatory in Greenwich.

The classmates learned more about the night sky at the Peter Harrison Planetarium, which ‘can fly you into the heart of the Sun, transport you to distant galaxies, show you the birth of a star or land you on Mars’.

Class teacher Mrs Cullen said:  “The planetarium was the highlight of the day but the children also enjoyed exploring the many other fascinating attractions Greenwich has to offer.”

As well as following a treasure trail around the grounds and standing on the Meridian line, J5 marvelled at one of the biggest telescopes in the world.

They listened intently as an astronomer explained how the 28-inch refracting telescope, housed in an impressive dome, was built to research double star systems.

Mrs Cullen added:  “Learning outside of the classroom really boosts our lessons and the children have a wealth of first-hand knowledge to build-on in class.”



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