Year seven student Holly Taylor beat more experienced athletes to take bronze in her first fencing competition.

Holly represented the South East region at the Foil and Sabre British Youth Championships qualifier and has secured her place at the final in spring.

She was joined by classmates and older Seniors, all of whom placed well.

Gad’s PE teacher and fencing coach, Miss Sarah Ellis said:  “Our team has only been fencing for 16 weeks and were up against fencers with more than five years’ experience.

“Just to take part is an achievement but to realise such fantastic results is testament to the children’s commitment and enthusiasm for the sport.

“Fencing takes discipline, co-ordination and hard graft and I continue to be impressed with how Gad’s students have embraced it.”

GCSE student Connor Anderson, Y10 pupil James Sherburn and Mac Franklin, year seven, were all just one fight away from qualifying.

And Shell H’s Eden Morgan and Carter Gagg won a number of their poule fights, as well as both their first round of direct elimination matches to achieve a last 16 placing.

Well done everybody who took part:  Connor Anderson, U5H; Carter Gagg, ShH; Mac Franklin, ShH; Eden Morgan, ShH; James Sherburn, L5B and Holly Taylor, ShH.



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