Gad’s Hill’s years one and two classes visited Guru Nanak Darbar Gurdwara in Gravesend, to find out more about Sikhism.

The temple is one of the largest in Europe and the five and six-year-olds were ‘amazed’ by how ‘enormous’ and ‘beautiful’ it is.

The classmates were given a tour and invited to try some Indian food in the ‘Langar’ dining hall, where all guests are welcomed to share a communal meal of vegetarian Punjab dishes following the services.

After learning about the faith’s ethos, holy scriptures and symbols, the children chose if they wanted to taste the ‘karah prasad’, a traditional sweet offering which is received by cupping your hands together.

Gad’s Hill Headmaster David Craggs said:  “Our pupils were very fortunate to have had such a full day of discovering new things and I am grateful to everybody at the Gurdwara for their time and input.

“Understanding more about different faiths and religions is an important part of the Gad’s community and the children benefit greatly from all out-of-the-classroom learning experiences.”

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