Runners from Nursery to GCSE classes took to the track at Gad’s annual cross country championship.

Headmaster David Craggs, and many of his teaching staff, joined the  school’s 3-16-year-old pupils for the race around the school grounds.

First to compete were the Nursery children, who, along with their teachers, and supportive parents, completed a lap of the school field.

Next, the Kindergarten and Junior pupils took part in their own on-site events before the Seniors braved a challenging 3km course around neighboring fields.

Mr Craggs said:  “For our younger students, just taking part is achievement enough but as the children get older, healthy competition kicks in, with athletes vying for the coveted title.

“I am always heartened to welcome so many parents and friends on the day – their encouragement is a real boost for the classmates.

”As a thank you, our catering team serves soup for everybody, which was very much appreciated this year as it was a particularly cold day.”

Each runner’s finishing time is combined to provide a school ‘house’ score.

After the races, the school’s catering team helped warm-up chilly children by serving homemade soup before the Headmaster announced the results, which this year saw Wellington triumphant.

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