Award-winning author Moira Young has congratulated a Gad’s Hill student on his ‘beautiful’ review of her best-selling book.

Jimmy Spellman, of L4S, produced a short film detailing dystopian novel ‘Blood Red Road’ as part of the school’s new innovative homework programme, where pupils are encouraged to produce creative pieces by choosing from a menu of tasks.

Head of Senior School Mr Paul Savage said:  “To be credited by an internationally-renowned author is an outstanding achievement and very well-deserved.

Ms Young, who won the Costa Children’s Book Award 2011 for her first novel, described the 13-year-old’s on-line video as ‘beautifully atmospheric with lovely images’ and commended his film-making skills.

Mr Savage added:  “Jimmy worked hard to produce an animated account of a book we are studying this term and in-turn it has boosted his greater understanding of the characters and themes.

“By choosing the medium in which homework is presented, students have a more flexible approach to learning and the results have been impressive.”

The new system allows children to select tasks from a topic menu and relate them to what they are studying in each subject.

Projects from Shell students so far have included an edible Motte and Bailey castle from history student Benjamin Baker; Eden Morgan’s mathematical masterpiece; a newspaper article by budding journalist Henry Waddell and Tom Greenwood’s scientific model house, complete with insulation and double glazing!

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