GCSE students from Gad’s have been ranked number 1 and 2 after competing in a county fencing competition – after just six weeks training.

Connor Anderson, 15, beat classmate Harrison Baglin, also 15, to take the title at the Kent Senior Boys Sabre Closed Championships.

It was their first competition and the friends became opponents in the final where, despite a valiant fight from Harrison, Connor triumphed with a 15-7 victory.

Gad’s Headmaster David Craggs said:  “The boys have done themselves, and the school, proud.

“The discipline of fencing requires agility, strength and co-ordination and the fact that they have mastered the techniques in such a short time is testament to their commitment to the sport.

“I must also thank our new fencing coach, Miss Ellis, for her dedication and enthusiasm.

“Fencing is the latest sport to be offered at Gad’s and Miss Ellis’ lessons and clubs are proving very popular with Juniors and Seniors, and complement the many other team and individual sporting options available.

Miss Ellis, was ranked in Britain’s top 10 ranked Women Sabreurs in 2013 and has represented Britain in World and European Championships, as well as Northern Ireland at Commonwealth Championships.

She said:  “Fencing is my passion and nothing beats sharing the skills and techniques I have honed over the years.

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