Our youngest students have helped feed five children in Malawi by taking part in World Porridge Day.

Gad’s Nursery classes raised £58 after making porridge in school and learning more about children all over the world who don’t get a breakfast like they do.

The children are supporting international hunger-fighting charity Mary’s Meals, which provides one good meal to some of the poorest children every school day.

Nursery Manager Mrs Debbie Mills said:  “The children have been finding out how important eating healthy food is for everybody.

“They enjoyed making and eating porridge and fresh fruit as a morning snack and are pleased that children in other countries will be able to do the same now.”

Mary’s Meals works to spread food to children all over the world, and work in far flung places like Malawi to help keep children fed throughout the school year. 500,000 children in 16 of the world’s poorest countries benefit from their efforts, the meal encouraging children to go to school and build their education so they can lead themselves, their communities, and their countries out of poverty.

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