The youngest children at Gad’s Hill have been exploring the site where a Forest School will be created this term.

The woodland space is being transformed into a natural outdoor educational environment where pupils from Nursery to year six will be able to take part in creative hands-on learning experiences.

Forest School leader and teaching assistant Mrs Lisa Marshall said:  “A Forest School is the perfect place for young minds to learn in an unhurried, fun and meaningful way.

“Children are free to investigate and find their own way of gathering and processing information, which encourages both independence and team skills and boosts confidence of all learners, regardless of their ability.

“As our ‘lessons’, clubs and many other opportunities the Forest School offers develop we are confident this exciting learning philosophy will benefit not only the Gad’s students and family but also the wider community.”

Forest Schools originated in Sweden during the 1950s to teach children about the natural world.  They offer a specialised learning approach that sits within and compliments the wider context of outdoor and woodland education.

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