Students starting at reception to the Senior school were welcomed to Gad’s Hill this morning, as the Autumn term begins.

In his address, at the Kindergarten and Junior, and Senior, assemblies, Headmaster Mr David Craggs talked about the opportunities and learning experiences this term will bring.

Spanish will be introduced throughout the school with the appointment of Head of Modern Languages Miss Sophie Batther, who will also teach French and Russian to Seniors.

New PE team member and fencing coach Miss Sarah Ellis will instruct children from years three to eleven in the Sabre fencing technique during games lessons and at an after-school club.

Before the children made their way to meet classmates and form tutors, the new year sevens, known as ‘Shells’, met their year 11 mentors, who will help them settle into life at Gad’s.

Head of Senior School Mr Paul Savage said:  “Our mentoring system is extremely beneficial to our youngest Senior cohort.

“Our top year will be on-hand at break and lunchtimes, as well as before and after lessons, to give advice, answer any questions the children may not want to ask the teachers and help make the transition from Junior to Senior school life a smooth one.”

Junior children will also benefit from the language and PE improvements but seemed most excited to hear about the new play equipment and ‘Playground Pals’ – a new scheme where children from each year group are voted by their classmates to be responsible for making sure every child has a friend to spend time with at break and lunchtime.

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