Introducing the Gad’s Hill Heads of Houses for the new academic year, voted in for their commitment, enthusiasm and dedication to the school:

Heads of Beatty          Eve Hudson and Mary Welch

Heads of Haig              Nicholas Batchelor and Lilly Franklin

Heads of Wellington Harrison Baldwin and Teagan Higgins

Belonging to a house is an integral part of the pastoral system at Gad’s.

All students and staff are members of the Beatty, Haig or Wellington families and are encouraged to show team spirit, as house ethos is “it’s the taking part that counts”.

Each child has a coloured school tie that represents the house that they are in – this breaks down barriers between the year groups and creates a sense of togetherness; encouraging the older students to look out for the younger ones.

There are many events throughout the year from all areas of school life. This blend ensures that everyone has the opportunity to represent their house in something that they enjoy or are good at. For example house events include various sporting activities, fundraising for charity, drama competitions, and quizzes.


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