Conservative MP for Gravesham, Adam Holloway, led an action-packed assembly at Gad’s Hill School to mark the Centenary of the Battle of the Somme, and to explain the realities of war.

The politician has himself fought in the Gulf War and was invited to the school to join the pupils in paying respect to the brave soldiers who lost their lives in one of the bloodiest clashes of World War One.

Mr Holloway spoke to the school’s Seniors and oldest Juniors before asking them to re-enact a battle, to help them realise the importance of appointing a strong leader and what a vital role any person in charge has.

He was impressed to learn that Gad’s had recently held a mock EU referendum and went on to chair a Q&A session where he encouraged pupils to ask questions about any topic they wanted to.

The Gad’s cohort quizzed Mr Holloway on his political career; views on immigration; what it is like to fight in a war and even if he had met the Prime Minister!

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