As the UK prepares to vote either to remain in or leave the European Union, Gad’s Hill joins the debate by holding a referendum for Senior students.

A polling station was set up at the school and pupils from year seven to 11 had the opportunity to vote.

Two Senior ‘candidates’ led an assembly with impressive speeches, after volunteering to research and present the arguments for and against.

After their address, a Q&A session was held and the opponents answered pressing questions from a very well-informed and demanding crowd of peers.

Topics covered included immigration, trade and financial investments.

Headmaster David Craggs said:  “We are encouraging our students to take responsibility for making an informed and educated decision and use their vote wisely.

“Understanding what a democracy is and taking part is the purpose of the day.

“I have been very impressed with the children’s commitment to finding out what impact a vote will have on the environment, transport, consumer rights and other issues that matter to them.”

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