Our year fives spent a sunny day in Greenwich finding out more about the planets, history and of course, time.

The classmates first stop was The Royal Observatory, where they explored the Meridian Courtyard and searched for clues to complete a ‘Telescope’ worksheet before learning about the meridian line and the importance of Greenwich to sailors from bygone years.

Following a busy morning of research, the children moved on to the interactive Weller Astronomy Galleries.  There they tried their hand at launching a space probe and explored the Milky Way to find space objects through a telescope, as well as enjoying a film about how the Universe was formed, on a huge screen.

After a stroll in the park and a picnic, the students embarked on their quest to find out about all things nautical at The National Maritime Museum.

J5 class teacher Mrs Cullen said:  “The museum was a real highlight and the classes became enveloped by the Battle of Jutland exhibition, from a naval and home front point of view.

“I was impressed by their maturity and research, learning and listening skills.  They were able to understand and discuss the battle from different viewpoints, either working in groups or independently.

The weary but happy group was treated to an ice lolly while sitting on the ‘Great Map’, a giant floor atlas display, before climbing the steep hill to the coach park – and Mrs Cullen reports they happily chatted about what a fantastic day they had all the way up!



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