Our year sixes enjoyed a week of adventure activities on their residential holiday to Dearne Valley, near York.

Read our GAP student’s report…

Monday the 16th of May rolled around quickly and the children and staff were eager to board the bus and get moving. Once the bus was filled to the brim with children, staff and luggage, the children said their farewells to their parents and we were on our way. I think the parents were more upset to say goodbye than the kids, although, some parents had holidays planned for the week ahead!

After a 4 hour drive with one pit-stop, we arrived in Dearne Valley ready for the exciting adventures ahead. After unloading the bus, we got to meet our guide, James. The students and staff were then given a tour of the campus where we were shown the ‘Poop Machine.’ This is a machine that cleans all of the waste water from the campsite and flushes it back into the river…the kids loved this! The kids were then given their assigned rooms, something they were all looking forward to.

After the briefing, activities got underway. Our first activity was high ropes. After putting on a harness for the first time, many of the children learnt that a ‘safety wedgie’ was an integral part of most activities.

Throughout the week, all children demonstrated perseverance as they all pushed themselves and encouraged each other to build confidence and step out of their comfort zones.

Amongst the favourite activities were canoeing, zip-wire and fencing.

Each night after dinner the kids got to complete another activity. These were mini-Olympics, campfire, and disco and laser tag. The children really enjoyed the bonding and social side to these activities and it gave them a chance to wind down before bed.

Highlights of the week include: Mrs Frier falling in the river (Yes, the same river that the ‘Poop Machine’ water gets flushed into), getting muddy at the nightline activity and including a ‘dab’ in each activity.

Despite the many fire alarms, late nights and unpredictable weather, the children remained positive and still gave each and every activity their all.

The children were all challenged throughout the week, whether it be from abseiling, making smores or even making their own beds. We are sure that each and every child learnt something valuable from our week away. A thanks must go to the children for making it so much fun and memorable for us.

GAP Students Miss B Reynolds and Miss R McNamara


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