Gad’s Hill Juniors performed ‘The Adventures of Peter Pan’ in their school theatre last night, complete with animated staging, professional choreography and flawless solos from children as young as 10.

The annual musical is a highlight of the juniors’ second half of Spring term, with every child from years three to six taking part.

Weeks of rehearsals in drama lessons culminate in a show that never fails to amaze the crowd, with seats selling-out within hours of being released to proud parents, friends of the school and fellow Junior and Senior students showing their support.

Lost boys, mermaids and pirates joined Peter Pan, Wendy and Tinker Bell to tell the story of a mischievous boy who never grows up.

Charlie McGrory, 11, from Shorne, played the part of Peter.  Charlie, who is a keen footballer and enjoys acting and singing, was excited before the show and ‘over the moon’ after and thanked his mum and dad for helping him learn his many lines.

Wendy was played by 10-year-old Alanya Foster from Gillingham.  She loves to sing and dance and described being cast as the nurturing and kind little girl as a ‘dream role’.

Head of Junior School Holly Taylor, 11 and from Gravesend, played Tinker Bell.  She played it with just the right amount of attitude to charm the audience and said it was an ‘exciting’ and ‘fun’ experience.

Headmaster David Craggs congratulated the cast on an outstanding production before thanking the many teachers and staff that helped make it such a success.

He went on to praise the dedication and commitment of Director of Music John Stone for his talent in supporting the children, and always bringing out the best in them musically.

The Headmaster also credited Artistic Director and professional dance and drama teacher Mrs Crowter for her ‘outstanding choreography’ and ‘energy and warmth’ when working with the children.

The children clapped and cheered, maybe even louder than the audience did for them, when Mrs Crowter was invited on stage to receive a huge bouquet of flowers from Peter Pan.

Mr Craggs said:  “We are very lucky here at Gad’s to have specialist teachers who dedicate their time to providing musical and theatrical coaching.

“Our children thrive in these extra-curricular lessons and judging by the many beaming smiles on stage tonight, I am sure some very special memories have been made.”


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