Four year 8 and 9 students represented Gads at the UK Team Maths Challenge regional final – could you answer the brainteasers they came up against?

A woman says to her brother, “I am four times as old as you were when I was the same as you are now.”
The woman is 40 years old.
How old is her brother now?

The order of the digits is reversed in a certain two-digit whole number.
This gives a new whole number which is one less than half of the original number.
What is the original number?

Head of Maths, Mr Harris, accompanied Scarlett Rowswell and Oliver Singer of L4R and U4T’s George Hake and Millie Ashton to the event at Dover College.

There, the two pairs worked together to solve a series of brainteasers and mathematical activities using deduction and logic.

The Gad’s team was up against 14 other local schools and although didn’t make the top three were congratulated by Mrs Harris for their commitment and teamwork:

“The children showed a great level of maturity and commitment and I was very proud of their efforts.”

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