Gad’s Hill Junior School proudly presents ‘The Adventures of Peter Pan’ in the school hall on Wednesday 30th March and Thursday 31st March 2016.

Tickets are £8.50 each – to book yours, on a first-come-first-served basis, please email Mrs Bates at stating your child’s/childrens’ name/s, class/classes, how many you would like and for which performance.

Once you have ordered your tickets you will be allocated seats by return email in due course.

Peter Pan is a mischievous boy who can fly and never grows up. He spends his never-ending childhood having adventures on the small island of Neverland as the leader of his gang, the Lost Boys. Peter plays with the mermaids, Native Americans, fairies, pirates, and occasionally ordinary children from the world outside Neverland.

Months of hard work by our Junior school pupils, their teachers and professionals from the industry, will come together to create a fully-fledged musical on the stage.

J3 class will perform on Wednesday 30th and J4 on Thursday 31st. All other Junior classes will perform on both nights.

The doors will open at 5.45pm and the show starts at 6.30pm.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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