L5W student Emily Till is helping improve literacy at Gad’s by taking part in a billboard project.

English subject leader Emily, 15, has embraced the school’s new initiative ‘Words around Gad’s’, a series of printed poems, quotes and quizzes which are pasted on noticeboards around the school’s grounds each week.

Emily researched and prepared the copy for the latest batch, which includes challenging students to spot mistakes in a piece of text and find out the meanings of words such as paradox and capricious, as well as thought-provoking words of wisdom from celebrated authors and scholars.

‘Words around Gad’s’ is the latest scheme in the school’s ongoing commitment to making sure pupils are making the best use of the English language, both in and out of the classroom.

Recent developments include the creation of a reading and research room, specialist after-school clubs and more frequent visits and lectures from literary experts.

Headmaster David Craggs said: “Reading and writing is a basic academic and life skill and we want our children to question and stretch their skills everyday.

“The literacy panels have proved popular with all our students, be they nursery children just starting their learning journey at three years old, or our eldest seniors preparing for GCSEs.

Emily is one of the school’s subject leaders, who help department heads organize and promote the many activities and trips associated with a particular academic, sporting or musical discipline.

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