Our Seniors took part in the annual end-of-year House quiz on the last day of term – Wellington’s winning score of 57 was closely followed by Haig with 55 and Beatty with 52.

Pairs from all Senior classes took it in turns to take to the ‘hot spots’ on stage where a mix of academic, general knowledge and brain-teaser questions were fired at them by Head of Senior School Mr Savage.

The first round saw Shell pupils answer as many mental mathematics questions as they could in one minute.

Mr Savage said: “It seems easy when you’re watching but for the Shells this was their first quiz and the pressure was on to set a strong score.

“They kept their cool and answered well. The quiz is a fun and traditional way to celebrate the last day of term but scoring points for your House is at the forefront of every contestant’s mind.”

Next up were the Lower 5ths who answered questions about an ‘Inspector Calls’ – a book they have been studying this term.

The classmates put on a performance of the play for parents just last month and the information seemed fresh in their minds as they excitedly jotted their answers down, after conferring with their partner.

Five more rounds followed – have a go at some of the questions below:

• How can we describe the forces of someone falling at terminal velocity?
• In September, what did NASA find on Mars?
• Liverpool lies on which river?

At the end of the quiz Mr Savage asked students to answer the questions and was impressed to see so many students, especially the Shells, putting their hands up to answer.

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