Boys from years seven and eight have developed and fired missiles as part of the Senior School’s commitment to enriching students’ learning and raising the attainment of boys.

The group took part in a series of extra-curricular activities before attending a specialist science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) workshop at Chatham Dockyard.

There the classmates joined other local schools to create and launch their very own missile and hit a target using Newton’s Laws and principles of aerodynamics.

Science teacher Mrs Williams said: “The children really enjoyed the experiment and made some very impressive constructions – and I was very proud that they demonstrated consistent accuracy in the air and in the water!”

Mrs Williams went on to thank science subject leaders Dan Collins and Lewis Lines who gave up their time to support the students at her after-school science sessions.

Karenth Pararajasingam, David Agba, Patrick Brennan, Jack Robinson, Sean Brown, William Engall, Anthony Lam and Duncan Lam were invited to complete a range of challenges including making bottle rockets, model streamlined cars and straw towers.

Building on their new knowledge of how rockets are propelled and strengthening their understanding of motion and forces, the boys are looking forward to continuing their STEM learning at Gad’s resident IT expert Mr Paul Tassell’s computer programming tools course in the Spring term.

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