Gad’s new year sevens were paired up with mentors today as part of an innovative induction programme to help the school’s youngest seniors settle and thrive.

The mentoring scheme has been introduced by recently-appointed Head of Senior School Paul Savage to make sure the classmates feel confident and comfortable coming to school.

It also gives members of the oldest year group, selected for their maturity and accomplishments, an added responsibility as they enter their final year at the school.

Mr Savage said: “Starting a new school can be daunting. I have always been impressed with how our children develop and maintain friendships regardless of age, so developing an induction plan that focused on older children supporting younger ones felt right.

The pairs will work together to complete a term-long programme which includes personal, social and academic challenges before gaining a ‘passport to the school’ – an acknowledgement and reward for their efforts and achievements.

Mr Savage added: “It’s only day one but I’m pleased to report our children are working together very well and have found out lots about life at Gad’s already – its testament to the Gad’s community and I’m proud of their commitment and enthusiasm.”

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