Children as young as seven have voted on things that matter to them at Gad’s junior school’s mock election – and the party in favour of homework won!

A polling booth and teller’s table was manned by our senior pupils and the juniors cast their votes on their way into school yesterday morning.

The winning Smartie Party’s manifesto championed homework as an essential part of school life – and the Confident Thinkers Party and Child Freedom Party accepted defeat graciously after also campaigning about healthy tuck, school uniform and homework in the run-up to the election.

Headmaster David Craggs said: “Every single junior child who was in school today voted – despite the gale force winds and rain!

“They have embraced the concept of voting superbly and enjoyed a lively Question Time-style assembly last week with some very insightful issues raised.

“Its success is testament to the commitment and enthusiasm of our staff and pupils – especially our seniors who were on-hand to guide the younger children through the actual voting process.”

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