Shell and L4 students were tasked to design flood resistant models as part of a science challenge, ‘Beat the Flood’, for local schools this term.

Working in groups, the children researched, designed and built the structures before presenting their project, including budget, to their classmates and teachers.

The team judged the best went on to represent Gad’s at BAE Systems, Rochester and competed against seven local schools.

Daniel Potter, Eve Selby-Bennetts, Maisie Pocock and Oliver Singer’s brief on the day was to design and build something that would be able to help victims or rescuers affected by a natural disaster.

They impressed the panel of judges with their multi-purpose hand-held device, made using a variety of tools and materials.

Although Gad’s didn’t win this time, the children enjoyed the experience and are hoping to get the opportunity to be crowned champions at next year’s challenge.

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