Monthly Archives: March 2017

Wizard of Oz

Follow the Yellow Brick Road to Gad’s

Gad’s Juniors lit-up the stage when they performed an animated interpretation of ‘The Wizard of Oz’ in their school theatre last night. Dorothy and her new friends followed the specially-constructed Yellow Brick Road to meet the Wizard, taking a captivated...

School Children

Gad’s mums made to feel special

Our youngest children invited their mums to a special service in the school theatre to celebrate Mother’s Day. Students from the Gad’s Nursery and Kindergarten classes took to the stage to entertain their proud guests of honour with a mix...


Shells take lap of honour in Wellington fund-raiser

Three Year seven boys helped raise more than £200 for a children’s bereavement charity, when they challenged fellow Seniors to a ‘car chase’ after school! Shell W’s Edward McGowan and Alexander Dempster teamed-up with Oliver Rainsbury-Davis, of Shell B, to...


American visitors impressed by Gad’s proud prefects

Council members from Gravesham’s American twin town, Chesterfield County, Virginia spent an afternoon with GCSE students from Gad’s Hill School. The guests were invited to the Higham school, and former home of Charles Dickens, as part of their UK visit...


L5 cadets take on Crowborough challenge

Good luck to our L5 cadets who are on their way to take part in a military skills competition at camp in Crowborough this weekend. The eight-strong group will compete against other school contingents in a range of skills including...


Y8s find art class very comforting!

Inspired by oriental art, our L4 classes have quite literally created their ‘very own’ pillows! After drawing Japanese animation style ‘Anime Me’ self-portraits, the students’ final designs have been transferred to pillows – with some very impressive likenesses. Art and...


Shells keep it real in art class

Our youngest Seniors have produced some outstanding illustrations this term as part of their art studies on Surrealism. Shell classmates are learning more about Belgian artist René François Ghislain Magritte, who is renowned for his witty and thought-provoking images, depicting...


J3s shine bright in DT lesson

Our Year three children have completed their first electronic project – an LED torch. The classmates designed and decorated their very portable light sources as part of this term’s Design and Technology topic.